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Get Your Life Back on Track after an Accident

Someone else was careless and caused a hazard or accident. You ended up getting hurt.

You didn’t ask for your life to change in an instant. And when you’re already in pain, it’s wrong to make you take the financial hit, too.

A personal injury claim can secure the payment you need to get your life back on track.

And the Champaign-Urbana personal injury attorneys at Tuggle, Schiro, Lichtenberger & Themer have a plan to get you everything you’re owed.

Our mission is providing Real Help for Real People. We’re dedicated to our Central Illinois neighbors.

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Champaign Personal Injury Attorneys for All Kinds of Cases

Sometimes the other driver or party at fault tries to avoid their responsibility to you. Sometimes an insurance company fights your claim.

They’ll have their lawyers. When you have a Champaign-Urbana personal injury lawyer from Tuggle, Schiro, Lichtenberger & Themer, you can make the fight fair.

We help with multiple kinds of personal injury cases, including:

We’ll also help with premises liability cases—when slips and falls, construction hazards or other dangers you encounter on someone’s property leave you hurt.

We start by taking a look at what happened to you and letting you know your options—for FREE.

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How Do Personal Injury Cases Work in Champaign?

A serious trauma like an accident can leave you stunned. You’ll have a lot of questions. And that’s understandable.

At Tuggle, Schiro, Lichtenberger & Themer, we respect your needs and help you understand everything you need to know, including:

Every personal injury case includes proving the negligence of the person or people whose actions led to your injury.

Your case can also include assigning levels of responsibility to everybody involved in your accident. You’ll need medical evidence, evidence from the accident scene, witness testimony and more.

An experienced Champaign-Urbana personal injury attorney knows how the law works—and the tactics insurance companies use to work against you.

What Your Champaign-Urbana Personal Injury Lawyer Does for You

You need to focus on healing from your injuries. You can rest and give the job of fighting for full compensation to your lawyer.

This is the kind of work your attorney does for you:

  • Navigating your rights and your options in court.
  • Negotiating with uncooperative insurance companies.
  • Collecting and properly using witnesses and testimony to help the court determine fault.
  • Seeking every form of compensation, including lost wages, medical costs and emotional distress.

Personal injury claims can have elements you might not even have considered. But a knowledgeable attorney can take care of any situation that comes up—and help you get beyond this difficult time.

Working with a lawyer should be an easy decision. At Tuggle, Schiro, Lichtenberger & Themer, you pay NO FEE UNTIL YOU WIN.

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