Car Accident

Car Accident

Recently been in an Automobile Accident?

Getting into an automobile accident is scary even if you aren’t injured. No one likes the hassle of getting their car repaired and dealing with insurance companies.


If you are injured in a car accident that adds another level of stress and fear to your life. When that happens not only do you have to deal with auto insurance companies, but you also likely have to deal with your health insurance coverage as well.

Automobile Accident Attorney

An experienced accident attorney can help maximize your recovery in many ways that the average person wouldn’t consider. 


Your attorney can negotiate with the other driver’s insurance on your behalf but there also may be health insurance liens or medical pay liens that need to be resolved.


Your health insurance likely wants repaid for medical bills they paid for treatment you got after you were injured. 


An attorney may be able to put more money in your pocket by negotiating with your health insurance company or even the facilities where you received medical treatment.  

it is important to get health and automobile insurance advice from an experienced lawyer who has dealt with multiple automobile accident cases

Automobile Insurance

Your automobile insurance also may be a factor in how much money you get after an accident.


  • If the other driver didn’t have insurance, you may be able to recover from your insurance coverage.
  • If the other driver had insurance but it isn’t enough to fairly compensate you for your injuries, medical bills and lost wages then you may be able make a claim with your automobile insurance for the difference. 


These things have to be done the right way or you may limit what you can recover. If you are not familiar with things like uninsured motorist coverage, underinsured motorist coverage, medical pay coverage, subrogation liens, health care liens or Medicaid liens then you should fire an attorney who is.  We have been dealing with these issues for people for many years. 


Contact us to see if we can help you maximize your recovery if you’ve been hurt in a car wreck through no fault of your own.