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Fighting the Workers’ Comp Insurance Companies Isn’t Easy. Let Our Lawyers Help You.

If you’re injured on the job, most insurance adjusters you have to deal with DON’T like Workers’ Comp attorneys. But under the law, as an injured worker, you have the right to a Workers’ Comp lawyer.

At Tuggle, Schiro, Lichtenberger & Themer we’ve developed many strategies that help us fight Workers’ Compensation defense lawyers and the insurance adjusters they work for.

Here are some THINGS to LOOK OUT for.


There is No One-Size Payment THAT FITS ALL WORKPLACE Injuries

Illinois Woman Needs Workers' Compensation

Some Workers’ Compensation defense attorneys and insurance adjusters will try to tell you there is a standard payment depending on your type of injury. But don’t trust the first number you hear.

the lawyers at Tuggle, Schiro, Lichtenberger & Themer can HELP you figure out exactly HOW MUCH you’re ENTITLED TO based upon your injury, the amount of time you will miss from work, and any medical treatment you need.


Don’t Just Let Your Case GET LOST IN THE SHUFFLE

Illinois Man Needs Workers' Compensation

When the vast majority of claims are paid off, defense attorneys (like insurance adjusters) can easily just forget about your case. They pay your claim, close your file and move on to the next claim even though they know you may have additional benefits coming.

Make sure you get the attorneys at Tuggle, Schiro, Lichtenberger & Themer involved so you aren’t just forced through the process.

You could be losing out on all you’re entitled to if you let yourself become just another number.


Request Regular Communication WITH Everyone Involved in Your Case

Illinois Construction Worker in Need of Workers' Compensation

Insurance adjusters and Workers’ Comp defense attorneys ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS. Don’t be surprised when they just don’t want to talk to you.

Do you want to spend hours tracking down the person handling your claim? Probably not, but that’s what will probably happen and why you should let the attorneys at Tuggle, Schiro, Lichtenberger & Themer help you with your case. Let our attorneys track down the adjusters and defense attorneys for you.

You should be FOCUSED on getting medical TREATMENT and RECOVERING from your workplace injury.



Illinois Couple Wins Workers' Compensation Benefits

Workers’ Comp defense attorneys often claim that “employers usually lose.”

The truth is, in Workers’ Compensation claims, the majority of claims are ruled in favor of workers by the arbitrators working for the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission.

When a claim is settled, it shouldn’t be seen as a “win” or a “loss,” but rather making something right for you, the injured worker.

the REAL “WIN” IS when you’ve recovered from your injury and you’re able to GET BACK TO WORK.


Beware of DEFENSE ATTORNEYS’ “Creativity”

Illinois Construction Worker Meets With Workers' Comp Attorney

As detailed above, most insurance companies and employers know that, as an injured worker, you’ll receive compensation for your injury.

Because of this, they will try and find ways to not pay your claim.

You must have all the evidence needed to prove your case. This is something that Tuggle, Schiro, Lichtenberger & Themer will help you with in a big way.

It’s also important to be mindful of the things you say or do while recovering from your injury. The defense attorneys and insurance companies may monitor your social media (Facebook and Twitter) activity and try to use it against you.

In extreme cases, they may hire a private investigator to monitor your life and make sure you are really injured. This means somebody may be following you around your house or neighborhood videotaping your activities.

Make sure you hire Tuggle, Schiro, Lichtenberger & Themer to be on YOUR SIDE while your case is open.



Illinois Carpenter Needs Workers' Compensation

One of our biggest pet peeves at Tuggle, Schiro, Lichtenberger & Themer is when adjusters and defense attorneys offer a very small amount of money to settle your case. They know your case is worth much more money, but will try to prey on your weaknesses at that particular time in order to get the cheap settlement. Our attorney will make sure you get a fair resolution, even if that means going to trial. We aren’t afraid to take your case to court to get you all that you deserve.

For example, if your case is worth $20,000, we’ll give you an honest assessment.

and we’re Never Scared to take your CASE to trial.


Get Help Now!

Illinois Woman Contacts Workers' Comp Attorney

If you live in Springfield-Decatur, Champaign-Urbana, Danville or anywhere in Central Illinois, and you were injured on the job, don’t wait to call the experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyers at Tuggle, Schiro, Lichtenberger & Themer.

We’ll fight to get you all you deserve and make sure you get all the medical treatment you need to get better.

Get the Workers’ Comp benefits you deserve, get the medical care you deserve, and get back to work as soon as possible.

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