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Find Out If Your Workplace Injury Qualifies

You might think workers’ compensation is only meant for terrible, gruesome workplace accidents. In reality, workers’ comp benefits are meant for all types of ailments suffered on the job.

At Tuggle, Schiro, Lichtenberger & Themer, we take pride in helping our neighbors across Illinois when they need help getting workers’ compensation benefits.

Here are the most common claims we see:

  • Slip and Fall

    This can happen in most any workplace. If you suffer any injury because of a slippery surface, or any other issue with flooring, you could be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

    Slip and fall injuries can range from minor injuries like lacerations or strains all the way to major issues like a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

  • Overexertion

    If your job requires any physical activity, you could be at risk for overexertion. Your muscles, joints and more can be affected by overexertion, whether you’re hauling heavy equipment in a warehouse or transporting items in an office space.

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    For anyone working a desk job, typing is a part of your everyday life.

    Carpal tunnel is a nerve-related condition that can develop due to repetitive work tasks such as typing, forceful gripping or pinching, or use of power tools, and other hand intensive tasks. Aches, pains, numbness, tingling—they’re all symptoms.

    Sometimes carpal tunnel is bad enough to force you out of working completely. If your life is impacted by carpal tunnel syndrome, you could win workers’ compensation benefits.

  • Machinery Accidents

    We see this often. Heavy machinery can naturally lead to accidents, ranging from minor to severe. Broken bones, strains, pulled muscles, and more are common.

    Sadly, sometimes we see employers—and their insurance companies—balk at giving out the workers’ compensation benefits you need.

  • Muscle Strains

    If you’ve done the same physical action over and over again at your job, you can be susceptible to a workplace injury. As time goes on, your muscles can break down, leading to minor injuries or worse.

  • Highway/Truck Accidents

    If you drive as a part of your normal job duties, you’re always at risk on the roads.

    We often see employees get injured in an accident in the course of work. Police officers, delivery drivers, truck drivers are all susceptible.

    If you’ve been in a roadway accident while on the job, you could be eligible for compensation.

Having Trouble Getting Benefits? We Can Help

No one ever wants to get hurt on the job. But when you do, you need to know your rights.

It should be pretty cut-and-dry: If you get injured at work, you should get workers’ compensation benefits.

Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple.

The insurance company will try to get you to take a quick settlement, pretending they’re the good guy. The truth? They’re trying to pay you as little money as possible. The only thing they’re concerned about is their bottom line.

If you’re in Springfield-Decatur, Champaign-Urbana, Danville or anywhere in Central Illinois and need help getting workers’ compensation benefits, the lawyers at Tuggle, Schiro, Lichtenberger & Themer are here to help.

We’ll fight for your rights.

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